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Day 38 & 41 Phuket & PP – “no I don’t want a tuk tuk, massage, hash…” July 7, 2010

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Phuket is Phuket (a dumping ground for Europeans on beach holidays in Asia), with a never ending stream of sellers on the beach selling sarongs, massages, drinks…. Then in the mall you have a never ending stream of people selling tuk tuks, tshirts, suits.  It actually reminds me of Bali 10 years ago (now Bali is a lot more mellow).  But despite this you also have 32 degrees, powder white beaches and lots of cocktail.  The bars are good fun and the girls boys are amusing.


Did go to the Simon Cabaret and have to say it does make you very nervous.  These stunning girl boys strut their stuff in Chinese, Egyptian, African… costumes.  They do imitations of Beyonce, the Dream girls and other famous singers. The costumes are great.

Here are some of the photos, pick which ones are mens and which are the female dancers?

They are all male. 

Also had to go to the Rock House to reaffirm my manhood with some ACDC imitators.  They were good.


An hour and a half boat ride and we were in Phi Phi again.  There’s not a lot more I can say about PP.  You’ve got to go.


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