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Day 33 & 37 Koh Phan Ngan & Bangkok – Full moon & Army on the streets July 7, 2010

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Just across the water from Samui you can see Koh Phan Ngan.  Great for diving, but most well known for the full moon party once a month.  Coincided with my dates so a hopped a boat to check it out.

Imagine 5-10,000 people half dressed, fluro-face paint galore, 30 degrees, sand under feet, fluro drinks in buckets and 10 or more different music playing on the beach.  Add in  burning skip ropes and fiery hops.  It all adds up to Full moon party.  Good fun at least once.  Can tick that off my list.


Needed a good latte before heading back out to the islands and caught up with Yuko in Bangkok. 

The city does seem a bit more on edge.  Outside the hotel on Sukhumvit was about a platoon of soldiers guarding the entrance to Sukhumvit and Asoke and the overwalks to the overhead train.  They had barbed wire and blockade material, water trucks and army trucks on the street.  They were ready to mobilise quickly and block downtown.  Lots of very big guns and mean faces.

The main protester area downtown had thinned out a lot.  The government and protesters were starting negotiations, but the Prime Minister was clear that he would not tolerate more law breaking.  Everyone was on edge.



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