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Day 26-32: Koh Samui perfection July 7, 2010

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“In Bali time stands still, but in the stillness is many life times”.  I think Samui has the same luxury.  Every day is picture perfect, the beaches are picture perfect.  Rum in the evening, sun in the day.  Warm water, lots of life.  Green curry coming out my ears (and luckily not my mouth).  However bliss can become boring (as couples never realise until it is too late).  (There’s a profound statement in there somewhere).

Koh Samui is like a bigger Kuta Bali, with a much nicer beach, but no surf.  The shops are like Kuta.  The nightlife is more spreadout and varied than Bali.  Food is great.


Watched some Muay Thai last night.  Was the local competition, and was pretty aggressive stuff.  Only one knockout by the only white guy in the competition.  But he did seem undermatched by the smaller thai guy.  7 fights from 3 to 5 rounds.  Smallest guys being 70 lbs (31 kgs) – half my leg.  The biggest was 80 kgs.  So not huge guys, but hard, lean and aggressive. 

They enter with ritual head dress and clothes.  They then do a type of dance called Ram Rai Kru, which is to pay homage to their teachers, parents… to relax them… and allow them to watch their opponent to spot weaknesses.  Then they go for it. Elbows, knees, fists and feet.  The elbows and the knees seem to have the most impact.


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