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Day 24 and 25: Koh Lanta – relax July 7, 2010

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 2:06 am

After a strenuous time in PP, laying on the beach, snorkeling and enjoying various beverages, I decided I needed a rest.  So jumped a boat to Koh Lanta, another island 1 hour south.  Has a stronger Thai muslim population here and is not so much of a party town, but more nice beaches and upmarket accom.  Koh Lanta was definitely relaxed.  Was staying at the northern end of the island and the season was winding down.  I stayed at a nice resort and was the only 1 there.  I felt sorry for all the staff.  Opening the restaurant in case I decided to eat there.  Had the whole pool to myself everyday.  It had waves on the beach, but the water in the pool and the beach were like bath water.  Too warm.  More reading and lying on the beach. Did get a massage from this lovely old lady.  Walk 5 or 6 kms into town for something to do.  Got there and look around for a whole 10 mins, then turn around and walked back.  I know I need to move on when the most exciting thing that happened today was watching the pattern waves made in the sand while I was walking on the beach. Too much of a good thing.


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