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Day 19-23: Bangkok to Krabi to Koh Phi phi July 7, 2010

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phi phi

Say after me, “picture perfect party paradise – phi phi”.  Decided to do some island hopping for the next 2-3 weeks instead of going to Laos.  10 hour bus ride down to Krabi was easy compared to Myanmar.  Air conditioning, my own seat, what luxury.  Spend the night here before I grabbed a boat to Koh Phi Phi for some diving.  See on the news tonight that some bombs went off inYangon today.  It was right next to the hotel I stayed in Yangon.  I had walked around that park.

phi phiAn hours boat ride and am on the island of Koh Phi Phi.  One of the most beautiful islands I have seen.  Is shaped like an hour glass with the main town in the smallest part of the hour glass.  The island has beautiful, big limestone cliffs shooting out of the sea and then you have powder white beaches.  Is a diving mecca and a party zone.  Would rate this up there with Boracay for partying and beaches. 

Jumped a boat and did some snorkeling around the islands. Then cruised to Monkey Bay.  The monkeys cruise along the beach looking for food.  Felt sorry for the monkeys .  They get mobbed by all the tourists.  The boats stop offshore and everyone jumps off and start chasing the monkeys.  However then we went to Phi Phi Teh island. 30 mins from Phi Phi on the long boats. 

phi phi teh

This is the island where they filmed some of the movie “the Beach” with Leonardo Dicaprio.  You cruise around this island with steep cliffs and pass a Viking cave and then enter this inlet.  It turns out to be a huge interior cove with cliffs around.  Like a fiord in the middle of the hot Andaman sea.  Unreal experience.  You stop here and go swimming.  Then move further around the island to this little bay.  You jump out of the boat and swim to shore then climb through a rock inlet, wander through the interior of this island and come out at the back of “the Beach”.  Is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world I reckon.    Really worthwhile.

Back in Phi Phi the nightlife are beach bars with fire shows all night.  Lots of buckets of spirits and ending the night with pancakes and nutella.  Spent the next 2 days on the beach getting blacker and reading.


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