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Day 7-8: Floating grass islands and markets July 3, 2010

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lake inle

The lake is pretty big, about the size of Singapore.  Headed 3km up the canal to the river passing all the long boats filled with mums and dads and the little one paddling to the market. First stop was local markets.  On the way we passed all the fisherman.  They are famous for their leg rowing.  They curl their leg around the oar and use their body for leverage and them push the oar, while balancing on one leg.  Seems to work for them.

lake inle

If you get pissed off with traffic, then get a load of this place.  The canoe park is pretty full on.  They sell food, clothes, knifes, bamboo,.. all your basic essentials.  Some of the tribes people come down as well.  Here they dress all black and wear a colourful scarf or towel in their hair.

Lake Inle is also famous for the floating islands.  People on canoe collect a lot of the seaweed, then bundle it together.  They start matting and growing together until they are strong enough to support crops.  So people live on these stilted houses in the ,middle of the lake and grow their crops.

Also went upstream through these canals, past all the water buffalo to the villages in the hill.  They have created mini dams all the way up so the long boat has to charge up these narrow breaks in the dams to get further up stream.  Came the village inland which was a mass of colours.  Buddhist monk kids swimming, and tribes woman washing their clothes in the river.  Not sure where the men were (obviously planning something important or do other important things – sleeping).

Heading back saw a few more monasteries.  The most interesting being the temple of the jumping cat.  Yes, a monk had taught a cat how to jump to attract people to the monastery. The monk and the jumping cat have gone, but there are cats cruising around inside the temple.

lake inlelake inle


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