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Day 6: The key to monks – the monk key July 3, 2010

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They confuse me.  You see orange robe ones in Thailand,  Red and pink ones in Myanmar.  Some carry mobiles, others radios.  They’re old or little kids.  They wander around shopping malls, the walk they ride buses or motorcycles.  They come in mass to Bangkok to walk with the red shirt protesters.  What are the rules, or is this just a fashion statement.  I hope to find out here or in Laos or Tibet!!

Caught the plane to Heho, all quite civilised.  Arrived in Heho and needed to get to Lake Inle and hour away.  The airport was empty and I thought I was going to have a long walk ahead of me.  I walked outside the airport and there the trusty taxi drivers were.  There is no bus, no they know they can ask the price that they want.  It’s all pre-set so the going price is 25000k ($30), which is a small fortune in Burma.  They pissed me off because they were ripping everyone off, so I managed to find a guy with a pickup who was transporting some stuff to where I wanted to go and paid half the price.  It wasn’t really an issue over money, more about principle.  These guys work like a mafia and fix prices and then extort people.

It is much better up here, 1000m up so it is cooler.  People are more relaxed it’s the country.  People live in simple house along canals, you see them washing themselves, their clothes and the dishes in the same canal,  Then there are plains of rice paddies,  Finally got to Nguangswhe.  Is where boats leave for the lake,  Staying at the Viewpoint Hotel (backpackers).  Little huts on stilts next to the canals and rice paddies.  Food is great.  Organised a trip on the lake with my own long boat and driver – for $18.


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