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Day 16: Tachelik/ Yangon/ Bangkok July 3, 2010

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Jumped a plane to Yangon the next morning.  Is the only way to get out.  The Yangon domestic airport

Walked to the international airport and bought a ticket to Bangkok.

Reminded me that I was in a poor country.  The plane parked on the tarmac about 300m from the terminal.  You walk or catch the bus to the airport and then you wait for your luggage.  You see the guys manually unloading the luggage.  And instead of attaching the luggage trolleys to the tractor.  2 guys start pushing the trolleys across the tarmac.  There are 10 guys pushing these trolleys across the tarmac.  Also reminded me of another funny airport custom I saw in Tokyo 3 months ago.  Every time a plane pulls away from the airbridge in Narita.  3 guys standing on the tarmac bow to the plane until it is safely on the runway.


Had mixed feelings about Myanmar.  The people are shy and you move around as a tourist pretty unhassled and to a point ignored.  It was low seasons so there wasn’t many foreigners around.  Some days I was the only one.  The bad after taste was from officials.  Immigration people, airports, border… 99% of the officials were nice, but I always had one nasty little man screaming at me at most of these places.  Little men with the Napolean complex.  Generals with enough power to cause problems.  I would just pretend to not understand there English and reply to them in complex English that they would not understand.  9 times out of 10 they would give up from frustration.


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