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Day 10-12: Temples, temples and temples July 3, 2010

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Bagan is well known for the masses of temples in a small area.  There are over 400 temples and if you get a couple of stories off the ground in any one direction you can see 100-300 temple spires.  Pretty unreal view.  The temples are all very different as well.  Pyramid shaped temples, stupas, Fort like temples, lots of little stupas.  You pay one entry fee to enter the area (city), then it is free for all of them.  You wander around the area on foot, bike or horse and cart.  I started walking about 8am for 2 hours just around the temples close by and the city walls. 


I then met John and he seemed like a nice and honest guy so went around with him and his horse Honey. Really nice guy with good English and knowledgeable. 

I asked about why the woman and men wear a light brown powder on their faces.  It is for sun screen, acne and beauty.  It is from the bark of a tree.  Revlon must be pissed.  A lot of the men smoke or chew red leaf or beets.  It stains their teeth, but is like smoking for them.


We went around 10 or so temples.  There is such thing as too many temples.  A lot of them have internal stairwells that lead up inside to the top.  That night went to one of the central temples which gets good views of the sunset.  Remember sitting near the top of this temple in the middle of another 3000 temples for a view.  Monks cruising around me and watching the sun go down with Norah Jones.  One of those rare warm calm vibes when you’re at peace.


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