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US: New Orleans Bourbon St, Dallas Cowgirls & San Fran June 19, 2010

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The states has a lot of culture and I still enjoy it.  While travelling for work I spent a bit of time around the states in the weekends. 

New Orleans was good fun, but also pretty scary.  Got there late at night and decided to go down to Bourbon street.  It is great fun, lots of bars with live music.  The bands are some of the best I’ve seen.  Playing, blues, jazz, rock, hip hop.  You roll from bar to bar and listen to the bands. 

Got a taxi home and the driver was telling me how they will not drive down certain streets because of all the shootings.  Since Katrina New Orleans has improved because of more police being hired.

During the day the streets are full of galleries and street artists in the French Quarter.  Wasn’t really keen on doing the cemetery tours.  Is a good break.

Back in Dallas I watched a lot of live sport, ice hockey, football and basketball.

The football was great.  Dallas Cowboys playing the Green Bay Packers.  They really know how to put on a show.  The Dallas Cowgirls were always on the move.  I not sure who I watched the most.  But these guys are monsters, huge.  I got great seats 1 row behind the Packers.  It was a faster game than I thought.  The Cowboys won.

The basket ball was fun.  Had seats on the ground next to where the Dallas guys came out.  Was eye level with these guys.  The crowd was totally different to the ice hockey guys the next night.  Basketball played hip hop during the day, while the ice hockey had heavy metal and rock. 

Also spent a short time in San Fran.  Would definitely recommend it.  Laid back but with a lot of character. 


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