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Jaipur gems June 12, 2010

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 4:51 am

Jumped a flight to Jaipur, India for a long weekend.  Is knowns as the Pink city.  The Prince of Wales was visiting the city in mid 1800 and in his honour they painted the city pink and it stayed.  Is a “fill on” Indian city with 6 million people and the colours and the smells.

Loved the place because the men and woman still wear traditional clothes.  The woman wear bright dresses – indigo, orange, red, green….  I was standing on top of the Fort outside Jaipur, up about 40 metres and below many Indian women were walking up.  They looked like little jewels, lots of colours. 

The city has a lot to see, the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds), where a Maharaja keep his harem.  The woman would sit at the windows (953 windows) and watch the city go by.  Next to it is the Palace.  Next to that is a place where one of india’s famous astrologists built huge sun dials exact to the minute.  Other devices for the seasons and working out he plans for the star signs. 

Found a tuktuk and went up to the monkey temple.  Hundred of monkeys cruise around this temple, just hanging out.  Also hired a car to take me to Pushkar.  A well known pilgrimage spot.  They town surrounds a small lake with 400 gnats surround the lake and town.  People pilgrimage here to wash in the waters.  It’s an explosion of colour.  Is also one of the big hippy hangouts because they use to smoke a lot of dope here.  Didn’t seem to be many foreigners around.


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