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Bali babies June 12, 2010

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 2:53 am

Been to Bali probably 4 times since being in Singapore.  Loved them all.  Bali is Bali, relaxing, good partying, good vibe.  I think there is less hassling by the street vendors than there use to be. 

One of the times my brother, Kiriana and the twins came over.  Was great fun.  We spend most of the time in the swimming pool with the kids.  Tama finally learnt how to close his mouth underwater.  We went to Ubud and stayed at an awesome hotel with private pools.  Went for a ride out to Iluwatu to look at the surf. 

On another trip I went up north and then around the east coast.  The north is not that impressive.  Did some great diving in Amed.  A world war II wreck dive 30 metres offshore.  The amount of marine life built up over 60 years is amazing.


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