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Maldives: Surfing and beer bellies June 11, 2010

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Picture the most beautiful island and atoll setting in the world then add a 3 story boat with 3 workable bars, lots of beer on tap, 12 surf boards (some new), and 9 “30 to 40 something” old surfers.

  maldive surfing

Met up in Singapore at the airport for the connecting flight to Male.  Rosco and the guys from Balina and Sydney.  Male airport is on an island so we walked out of the airport and hopped on to a boat and stayed not far from the airport.  Next morning we swapped boats and headed out.   


The boat was fairly new, 3 stories, and 8 or 9 berths.  A crew of 5 or 6 guys.  They kept us in beers and food for the trip.   

The water was really clear and blue and as you are cruising along you see the bright white of sand and water depth changing.  These are the atolls which are rising slowly to the surface.   




We surfed most days in the morning and night.  The waves ranged between 2 foot to 6 or 7 foot.  There were some very good surfers in the group and even better drinkers.  So the days were surfing and the nights eating and drinking.  

maldives surfingmaldive surfing  

We saw lots of dolphins chasing the boat and snorkelling off some atolls I saw turtles and game fish.  One day we pulled up off an island and saw lots of flashing in the water.  It was the white underbellies of manta rays.  There were more than 20 of them playing in the water.  I grabbed my snorkel and jumped in swam over to them.  They knew I was there so they didn’t get closer than a metre.  They were huge, close to 2m across.  They were diving down and then returning up and doing a 180 and diving back down.  It was probably some sacred manta mating ritual done only once every 150 years.  They were probably thinking, “who is this dickhead interrupting our most sacred of sacred ceremonies”.  It was only afterwards when I was back on the boat that I thought, maybe they could have attacked me.  Toooo late.  


One drunken night we decided to do jumping off the top of the boat.   

Also visited a couple of the islands.  They are like Caribbean islands, lots of colour.  The Maldeveans are muslim, so the woman wear head-dress.  There is no alcohol except in tourist hotels or boats.  The people dress in lots of colour and paint their houses bright colours.  Good for photography.  Spent the last night in a resort on one of the islands.  Was a great weeks break to relive our youth.  This place would also be suitable for the womanfolk. (But we’d have to buy some cherry for them)


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