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Hong Kong: Rugby sevens and the All Blacks June 10, 2010

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I was in HK 3 or 4 times, but 2 times were very memorable.  My brother came up to watch the All Blacks play the Australians for the 3rd test.  The game wasn’t spectacular, the first half was boring but the second was better.  Just being with my brother for the game as great.  BTW we won.

Wandered around time square, beers at Victoria peak, dinner in Kowlon on Mongkok (the older part of Kowloon). We were eating in the street and Manawanui realised that there was pigeon on the menu.  After that he couldn’t eat off the street any more.  Then drinks down in Lan Kwai Fong.  The area was just pumping with Australian and New Zealanders.  It was a long night and early morning.

The second time was for the Hong Kong Sevens with Sean for 3 days.  Section play is on Friday night and Saturday.  Then all the knock out quarters and finals on Sunday.  The atmosphere is full on.  It is quieter on the Friday and then fills up for Saturday and Sunday. 

The southern stand is where everyone is dressed up in anything from Steve  Urwin to Gladiators, the Hulks…  You can drink and eat in the stand, so it can be a drunken memory.  The funny thing is that Saturday the southern stand is full, and everyone gets very drunk all day in the sun.  On Sunday when the real games start, the southern stand is very quite and empty for a good part of the morning.  Everyone’s hung over and too sick to do it again.  Eventually it does pack up again. 

So, beer, rugby and beer.  What more could you ask for?  The Kenyans knocked the All Blacks out in the quarters about 3pm on Sunday, which was a real bitch.  The rest of the games were still interesting and then to close there were fireworks and more beer. 

Tick that box on my list.


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