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Vietnam:Village people – Sapa and Hanoi June 3, 2010

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Escaping the Grand Prix in Singapore I jumped a flight to Hanoi.  Found a small hotel downtown in the middle of the old town for $10.  The old town has a lot of character.  Small streets that have entire streets dedicated to selling the same things.  A street for pots and pans, a street for kids things, a street for tombstones….  Then there is a little lake in the middle of town with a temple on one side. 

I found a café that over looks one of the intersections in the old town and spent hours watching the chaos.  Like most Asian and African cities, motorbikes are considered mass people movers.   Mum, dad and the 3 kids on the motorbike slicing through the intersection.  The business man on the tricycle, the hundreds of tuktuks and taxis, cars, boyfriends and girlfriends all going in opposite directions and never crashing.  The Arc de Triumfo roundabout had nothing on these intersections.

A couple of days later I jumped an overnight train to northwest up by the Chinese border.  I jumped a tour to Sapa for the market day.  Sapa is on the border and is a major trekking area in the Chinese and Vietnamese hills and villages.  The market day is when all the local villagers come down and sell their wares.  There are over 15 tribes in the area and they all dress differently.  Some really bright colours.  The market sells livestock (donkeys, cattle, dogs – for food), and clothing and vegetables.  It is an unbelievable sight.

 Back in Hanoi, I found a guy to drive me around on his motorbike to see some of the interesting places.  The Snake village where they have the snakes fermented in tea or alcohol and you can drink it.  They are in huge glass bottles.  Also visited the ceramics villages, Ho Chin Mins tomb…







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