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Back to the real life May 21, 2006

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They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul.  Well in the last few months of my time in Barcelona and during my 78 days of travelling I have seen the mean extremes – pure happiness and deep sadness.  I have left some great friends, family and colleagues in Europe which makes me very sad and I will carry this around with me for a long time.  However I am back with my family in my home and that is what my soul needs to heal. 

Here's when we were little and mum dressed us all up in traditional costumes.

It has been a true adventure and with this blog it will help me remember it all – from Morrocan snake charmers in Marrakesh, to final farewells in Barcelona, Harlem and Broadway in New York,  Playa del Carmen beaches and the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Palenque ruins in south Mexico, the zapatistas and revolutionists in San Cristobal, chicken buses and friends in Guatemala – Xela, hippies and finding my aura in San Marcus, streets of Antigua, the reggae of Livingston, Mayan temples of Tikal, diving in Caye Caulker in Belize and catamarans in San Pedro, little Amazon of Tortugero in Costa Rica, surfing in Puerto Viejo, the canal and old town of Panama City, hanging with the cool people in Miami, my time with Kiriana and Manawanui in Cuzco and mountain biking, walking Machu Picchu, time in the jungle with anacondas, tarantulas in the Amazon, sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru, Venice beach in LA, surfing in Hawaii, and relaxing with Sarah and Ross and the kids in Sydney and finally getting home.

I learnt many things but one thing that struck me when I went to the Polynesian Cultural Centre when I saw so many Polynesians, the Fijian, Samoans, Hawaiians, Maoris, Taonga, Tahitians,  together and performing their own traditional songs and dances.  It helped me glue together many parts of my trip and my life… I saw pride and passion. 

Pride for their culture and passion for what they were doing. I have seen that passion professionally, from people like Alfonso and the Exec team, Marc and Susana to people like John Banks, from my dad and the rest of my family.  And it is addictive. 

I have seen passion for ones culture from Muslims in Morroco to Peruvians over their land and arts, to the Polynesians in Hawaii or the Maori's in New Zealand.  You see the passion in their eyes. 

And passion for life and loved ones from all my friends and family and their children. 

Now it's my turn to find my passion for life, professionally, for my culture and personally…

Adios Taiawhio Te Parata

Ko Takitimu te waka. (My canoe is Takitimu).

Ko Tamatea Pokai Whenua te maunga. (My mountain is Tamatea Pokai Whenua).

Ko Whangaraupo te moana. (My harbour is Whangaraupo).

Ko Ngai Tahi te iwi. (My tribe is Ngai Tahu).

Ko Ngati Wheke te hapu. (My subtribe is Ngati Wheke).

Ko te Wheke te marae. (My home is te Wheke).

Ko Te Pura o te Rangi toku papa. (My father is Te Pura o te Rangi).

Ko Reihana toku mama. (My mother is Reihana.)

Ko Taiawhio te Tau Parata ahau. (I am Taiawhio te Tau Parata).


22 Responses to “Back to the real life”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hello I’m Michael from Best Blog on WordPress. You’re blog is awesome!

  2. Charmaigne Castro Says:

    Hey Tai,

    This is amazing!! Glad you got back safe.

    Enjoy your time back home and take care alwayz.

    lots of love


  3. swedishfish Says:

    I really enjoy your blog!

    I’m half-Filipino and speak a little Tagalog. We say “ko” in reference to oneself; I wonder if that is a similarity in many Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian languages.

  4. I know that you finally are at home, but this is not an excuse to quit writting on this blog; so many of us are already addicts to check your news, and even we are not gonna see those amazing places you had been visiting, we will love to keep knowing about you thru this blog or anything else, but now you can't leave us, we need you.

  5. Alf Says:

    Hey Tai,

    It has been a great journey towards the INNER you… And it is now clear that you have succeeded.

    There are some very powerful messages in your blog. And I am sure that there are many other – probably much more powerful – within you. Those will progressively unfold as you get prepared to grasp their real meaning.

    GRACIAS for all those moments that you shared with us while you were here, and the continuous inspiration that your blog has distilled for all of us.
    Tai´s name will be always associated with high HONOR and RESPECT around here… And will definitely become a synonimous of a GOOD MAN!

    Welcome home PARATA!
    Hope you fulfill all your dreams!


  6. Isa Says:

    Hola Taiawhio 😉

    Your blog is INCREDIBLE!! I’m really amazed by all your stories. I agree with Fernando, please don’t stop to write in this blog! The “real life” has sooo many little adventures you can share with us!

    Everybody in the office miss u a lot… take care!

    1 beso,


  7. Adela & Tania Says:

    Este año lo podrás celebrar con los tuyos aunque aquí te echamos mucho de menos!!

    un besitoooooooooooooooooooo ^_^

  8. […] Hoy es tu cumpleaños, y pese a la distancia que nos separa (unos poquillos kilómetros de nada), hemos querido seguir celebrando tu cumpleaños, y pese a que no te podemos tirar la purpurina ni estirarte las orejas, queríamos aprovechar para celebrar este gran día dejando constancia de que todavía te seguimos los pasos, disfrutando de tu gran viaje que has compartido con nosotros desde tu weblog, y animándote para que nos sigas explicando tus aventuras del día a día que tanto nos inspiran por las mañanas. […]

  9. JP Says:

    Kia huritau ki a koe!

    felicidades Tai 😉


  10. range Says:

    Where is Tai??

  11. Mate!!!!
    Alf just send me the link to your blog!
    I’m so happy everything is fine and you had great time surfing the world!

    Please remember we must catch up somewhere around the world and surf toghether (well, not longboard tandem surfing;-)))

    don’t forget about your italian friends
    wish you the very best

    Stefano – -lmn.it

  12. Cristian Andersen Says:

    Hola Tai!

    Me alegro de que estés de vuelta en casa. He pasado un ratito fenomenal leyendo tu blog. Cuídate mucho!! Aún recuerdo nuestra fantástica entrevista en el Expo Hotel… la única entrevista de trabajo en la que el candidato no habló ni una palabra ;-))


  13. Mary Jones Says:

    kia ora koe
    …well, that certainly cured my curiosity.
    was wondering whatever happened to tai.
    awesome reading … good giggle.
    hope all is well with u & whanau,
    take care

  14. Giovanna Says:

    ciao Tai
    you look great. I wish you all the possible luck.
    I’ve just been to a long trip too and my mind is thinking of going away again.
    I travelled for 10.000 km and seen such incredible places that I feel so small here now.
    keep in touch

  15. Mabel Zabal Says:

    Hola TAI:

    Por favor tus admiradoras del mundo, en especial las de España,con nacionalidad Argentina, estamos esperando noticias tuyas, saber en qué linda aventura estas embarcado.
    ¿En qué anda nuestro Bomboncito ????, cuentanos algo de tu vida,siempre entro a tu blog, para saber alguna noticia tuya…por fa escribenos alguna linea.
    Tu fiel admiradora.
    Muchos Besuguitos Mabel

  16. hawaii lover Says:

    Personally, I have been going to hawaii every year since my family bought a time share on maui. I love it. i dont understand how people cant just go once. Io fell in love with it!

  17. armand crown Says:

    Hola, tena koe Tai,
    well your name matches your adventures Tai-a-whio-whio… (If your parents didn’t tell you – Te Parata is the name of the water spout/typhoon/disaster our ancestors encountered enroute to Aotearoa. It must have been impressive because the name stuck…Tai-a-whio must have been the wind that came with it – the sea breeze)…..good surfers name too!

    Hey, I’m just wrapping up a PhD at Massey, Auckland, and will be looking for a spanish speaking Maori to help with tv docos over the next two years around South America (you’ve already been to some of the places – Moraia, Maras, Iquitos, Ika, Arekipa, Kuzco, Macchu etc) – interested? drop me a line.

    I think its you.

    Naaku noa iti

  18. Kelly Winiata Says:

    Ahhh Kia ora my cuz’n
    I haven’t seen u for like 20years…wow
    Anyway came across ur blog when I did a bit of Googling.
    Enjoyed reading about ur adventures around the world and I’m sure you’ll have more ventures 2 come now u are home.
    anyway cuz’n…take care, and enjoy everything u do

    P.S. I fink i bumped in2 one of Manawanuis’ babys’ up here in Rotorua…give him a holla for me

  19. Myra Says:

    Tena koe Tai
    Whoa .. I never thought of you as a sentimental person but I see by your colourful korero that you are. Thank you for sharing another side of who you are.
    Kia tupato
    Kia Toa
    Kia Manawanui
    Kia Kaha

  20. Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that forum who told me to go to your site 🙂

  21. Geoffrey Perry Says:

    See the Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi Web Page as your Name decends from one of our more prominant Tupuna. The Te Tau whanau are numerous in Masterton.

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