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Day 63-72: Hawaii May 10, 2006

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Sorry for disappearing off the radar.  I have just been considering the affect of the modern day automobile on the geopolitical situation of the world during the last century.  Translated, I have been sunning and surfing and decided to disappear off the map for a while.  Now I'm back and I'm black.


Hawaii is pretty cool.  Constant temperature of around 27-30 degrees, dry heat which is bearable with light tradewinds.  I have been in Waikiki on the South Shore and going up to the north shore for surfing as well.  Waikiki is packed with hotels but is well setup and has good surf out the front.  Got up to 8 foot faces, but it is always packed with long boarders.  There is also a spot for boogie boarders.  See the guy above is standing up on a boogie board.

They had the USO tribute to the Armed services in Waikiki so had a big free concert.  Got to see John Legend sing.  Then there were also lots of military and some of their hardware.

Went around the island.  The south side is where Honolulu and Waikiki are.  Gets good southerly swell and has good snorkling. The windward side (east coast), is more for windsurfing and has the huge volcanic mountains. 


The north shore is where all the biggest waves are – Sunset beach, bonzai, backdoors, Haleiwa.  Its 1 hour drive from Honolulu. All famous surf spots.  One day the swell got up to 12 foots faces (double overhead).  Bonzai was not working well but people were still getting coverups.

The people are nice but a it seems strange seeming Polynesian features and then when they talk a strong American accent comes out.  There is a lot of mix between the original Hawaiians and the asians.  More than 30% of the population is Asian (Korean, Philopino, Japanese).  The mix of Asian and Pacific island produces a cool mix – tan, finer features, athletic and even freckles.

Got my hair cut off.  Got a number 3 for most of my hair.  So it is pretty short, but better for surfing and swimming and I save on gel. Enjoying it at the moment but only got a few days to go and then off to Sydney and then home.

Hope you are better dad, will see you soon.

Love Taiawhio


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