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Day 60-61: Lima and Huacachina April 29, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 12:40 am

Day 60 was the pits.  Slow start to the day, was staying in Mirafores, which is a really modern and posh area of Lima.  It is on a cliff and over looks the sea. 

Went to catch a bus to Huacachina which is 4,5 hours south on the coast.  Half an hour into the trip I started to get stomach cramps, sweatings and generally feeling like shit.  Luckily there was no diarihea, but I had to sit through 4 hours with severe stomach cramps.  I think it was something I ate for breakfast.  My taxi driver felt sorry for me in Ica and took me to a pharmacy, they gave me drugs.  Then drove me to Huacachina and I found a hotel and went to bed.  Didnt sleep well, but today I feel better.

Huacachina is a little village in the desert/sand dunes.  You can do sand surfing, bugy rides in the desert or hangout by the pool or oasis.  So I did a bit of everything.  The bugy ride was cool.  Up and down sand dunes and then jumping.  We wopuld then stop at the top of the sand dunes and sand board down. 


 It is like snow boarding but you need to put your weight at the back and it is not as fast as snow boarding.  Still good fun.


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