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Day 52 and 53: Cuzco April 21, 2006

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A recovery day.  Legs were sore and we were all tired.  We all caught up again to watch a bit of the Arsenal vs Villareal game at an Irish Bar and then we needed to sorted out washing and other chores.  Topped it off with a massage to relax the sore muscles.

 Day 53:

Manawanui and Kiriana decided to go to the Sacred valley but I was too lazy and looking for another chillout day.  So had a slow breakfast in teh Plaza de Armas and then walked up to Sacsayhuaman (Sexy Woman is more or less how it is pronounced).  It was an old fortress 40 mins walk from town.  Was one of the last stands for the Incas against the Spanish. 

Cuzco was formed like the shape of the puma and Sacsayhuaman was suppose to be the head, with teh jutting walls as the teeth.  Now only about 20% of the fortress remains. They rest has been taken away during the years to built other houses.  SOme of the rocks are up to 300 tonnes.  They moved them by rolling them with logs, rocks and men pulling.


One Response to “Day 52 and 53: Cuzco”

  1. vane rouco y ana matías Says:

    Hola Tai,

    somos vane y ana..simplemente decirte que te hemos seguido cada día durante tu viaje y que te añoramos mucho por aqui..esperamos que estes muy bien y nos hace feliz que ya estes en casa con tu family..

    seguimos en contacto 🙂


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