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Day 50: Inca trail – Day 3 April 20, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 11:23 pm

Unfortunately there had been a landslide close to the sun gate above Machu Picchu so we could not continue with the same route, we would have to ascent 115m then descend 1000m to the river and then follow the track to Machu Pichu town.  We would stay there the night so we could get to Machu Picchu about 6:00am. 

Porridge for breakfast then we passed through the Inca tunnel to the last pass.  Just over this pass we came to another set of ruins followed by teh Inca cave. Now was the hardest part of the trip.  1000m descent which really kills your knees.  We went from 3700m at our camp site to 2700m for our lunch break. We had another casualty, Jan fell over when walking down.  She broke her wrist, but managed to make it down and to Machu Picchu. 


We finally made it to the river about 15:00 and we had another 3-4kms to walk beside the river to the town.


That night we stayed in a hostel and had a few beers.  We even went to the hot springs which were packed with trekkers.


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