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Day 49: Ica Trail – Day 2 April 20, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 11:14 pm

Slept well and we were all woken up by Eric doing tent service – coffee to the tent.  Here is the view from the tent.

Then omelets for breakfast.  Today we had 13 kms. We stick our coca leaves in our mouths and start climbing 500m to the first pass.  It was raining and hot work to make it to 4200m.  But we made it.


However you did notice the coca leaves they did give you energy.  We took the obligatory photo at the pass and then decended 700m, where lunch was waiting for us.  Soup and beef.  We then ascent another 500m going thru another pass. 


Along the way we see the ruins of Ica "hotel" or resting place, when they were walking the trail.  We continue walking and 20 mins from our night site we come accross some more ruins which use to be a food market used to supply Machu Picchu and also a early warning location to warn Machu Picchu of invaders. 


It is in the cloud forest so they could not use fires to warn each other.  They used concha shells.  We then descent to the camp site.  We had a little happy hour and a bit of a laugh.  And were in bed at 21:30.   


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