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Day 47: Cuzco April 15, 2006

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Thought we had better make up for our sins from teh previous days and so we decided to do an easy mountain biking day.  The little men in the office said…"·yes yes yes señor, is flat, the route is very easy, yes señor we3 have great bikes.. of course señor you will be back by 18:00".  While we soon learnt the truth.

We started at 7:30 and got a bus to the middle of nowhere.  Jumped on the bikes and sped down the first hill at about 60km per hour, then started the first problem.  A hill.. meaning you cycle up the hill.  The next problem was naother hill, and another, and another.  Add in a 3 flat tyres which had 6 different patches already on them.  More hills.  And a hike of 1 hours to catch a bus because one of the bikes didnt work anymore.  Getting pulled over by the police in a private taxi we hired to get back to Cuzco in time for our Machu Picchu briefing. It was an interesting day. 


Have to say we saw some beautiful sites, the concentric circle terraces done by the aztec to experiment on which sort of plants like what sort of climate.  Each terrace has it own micro-climate, so they would plant all different types of`plants and see which ones survived betters in each one. 


Then there was the salt terraces covering one whole side of the hill.  The little kids that came over to us during lunch just to watch.  The kids are beautiful but some of then real little ones have very old faces, and dress like growth mens, when they are younger than 5 yrs.

When we finally got back we made it to our briefing late.  Then Kiriana went back to the mountain bike agency and sorted them out.. we even got a refund from them. 


Time to go, we have to get up at 3:30 to leave for the 4 day Macchu Picchu trek.  See ya then.


One Response to “Day 47: Cuzco”

  1. Puamiria Says:


    Happy birthday Manawanui you ole buggar you! Have really enjoyed reading your blog Taiawhio. Was feeling sorry for you on your bike trek…then read the end…now I feel sorry for the poor bike agency! *smirk* Looking forward to seeing the photos from your 4 day trek! All looks so amazing!

    Safe travels, love Puamiria, Anake and Awhioraki xxx

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