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Day 45 and 46: Cuzco April 15, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 4:02 am

Arrived in Lima at 5:30 in the morning after an all night flight from Miami.  Jumped a flight directly to Cuzco.  Missed my brother at the airport but we caught up at his hostel with Kiriana.  It´s my brothers birthday and we decided to meet here to celebrate his birthday and we would all do Machu Pichu. 


We started at 18:00 in an Irish bar in the middle of Cuzco ,with some friends English and Australian friends.  After copious beers and rum, we headed to "Mama Africa" another bar in the the Plaza de Armas, for pizza and tequila.  Our english and australian friends were making Peruvian friends.  Many, many many tequilas, rums, and vodkas later we left for the hostel.  The place was still rocking at about 3:00 but we were too tired.

Needless to say the next day we all felt very sick.  We managed to get out of bed to catch up with our english friends at 13:00 to eat.  Still feeling like shit, we wandered around aimlessly and that night we ended up all getting massages.  Quite funny because my brother, Kiriana and me were all in the same room while these 3 ladies massaged us.  We were all lying on these massage tables in our underwear with sheets over us.  However my massuse decided that she couldnt do the job properly unless I took off all my clothes…

By the way Cuzco is quite a pretty town, I think.


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