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Day 41 and 42: San Jose Costa rica and Panama City April 14, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 12:07 pm

Headed off to san Jose and stayed at the same hostel.  Just wandered around the city and then off to bed for an early morning flight to Panama City.

 Arrived in Panama City early and grabbed a taxi for the afternoon to tour the city.  Was pretty cheap.  Went to Miraflores Lock which is the closest lock to the cituy for the Panama Canal.  Watched a couple of ships passing through the lock on the way to the Pacific.  Is amazing how much of the city has been dominated by the Americans.  Now the Amercians have pulled out so the Panamanians are not too happy because they have lost a lot of jobs.  The city is still pretty dangerous in certain areas and you they havent fixed parts of the city from the Amercian invasion.

When the American originally signed the treaty to build and administer the Canal, they signed a deal where they would have rights to 10 or more miles on either side of the canal. During there time running the canal they constructed lots of houses and bases alongside the canal. When they pullled out they left it all and the government has been selling the houses and properties.  Aparently there has been a lot of corruption and so the money has been going to the different presidents.

The old town is pretty, old colonial houses, painted lots of bright colours.


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