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Day 37, 38, 39 and 40: Puerto de Viejo April 8, 2006

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Looking for the perfect wave…

Woke up in Tortuguero and we went for a cruise to check out the canals. They call this place little Amazon – water canals with animals along the side. Saw herons, caiman, otters, lots of different lizards, turtles, monkeys and spiders.

Then I jumped another boat that went from Toruguero to Puerto Limon on the Carribean coast. Then a bus to Puerto Viejo. Home of good waves on the Carribean side of Costa Rica.

Got my hostel for $8 a night, my bike for $4 for 3 days and my surf board for $10 a day. I'm set to surf dude.

The town is a surfy dude hangout. Lots of Americans – guys and girls and locals. Waves are only 2-3 foot at the moment, but clean and offshore wind and lots of sun and coconut trees.

Shirts and shoes are optional, but surf shorts and beer are obligatory. yeah dude…

Day 1: Surf: Not my best day of surf but I still enjoyed it. Did 8 hours in the water and in between sessions was laying under coconut trees and sleeping. Havent been surfing for nearly 7 years and my shoulders were pretty weak.

Day 2 and 3: Getting in to a bit of a rut. Doing the same thing. Get up at 8:30, go eat breakfast. Grab my trusty bike and ride down to Playa Cocles where the waves are better. Then surf for 3 hours. Lunch and then a little sleep under a palm tree. Then another 2 hours surfing. Then backto the hostel for a shower and a beer. Dinner at one of the restaurants that have free movies outside. Then a few more beers.

Speak mostly english here.  It is the Carribean influence.  Lots of Bob Marley, dreadlocks and reggae surfers.

Ja rastafare ever living, ever fearful, rasta mon vibration. – Bob Marley


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