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Day 34 and 35: San Jose, Costa Rica April 2, 2006

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Boat to from San Pedro to Belice  city(1,5 hrs).  Taxi to airport (30 mins).  Flight to El Salvador (1hr) .  Flight to San Jose (1,5 hrs).  Taxi to downtown (40 mins).  A day of travel and with 4 hours stuck in Belize city (which is not very exciting). 

The cruise ships were in Belize city.  The boats from the cruise ship took people to a small shopping area on the side of the wharf, which is specially built for them – no locals allowed in, and that is there experience of Belice city.  Big waste of money.

San Jose surprised me.  It is very modern compared to teh rest of the big cities I have seen here.  People are more cosmopolitan and lots of shops.  Town has a few pretty squares, but in general is not a pretty city but is relaxed. Has a bit of attitude so the heat is bearable and the hostel is pretty cool.  Free internet, bar, tv, what luxury.  However compared to rest of CA it is expensive.  Seems safe here but you still see a lot of machine guns and shot guns as you walk around – the security men.

They have funny breakfast here called gallo pinto – scrambled eggs with beans and rice. 


One Response to “Day 34 and 35: San Jose, Costa Rica”

  1. Sonia y Alessandro Says:

    Hola Tai, somos Sonia y Alessandro,

    que tal va el viaje??? a juzgar por las fotos que vas colgando, va de P… madre! Nos alegramos muchisimo!!!
    A peticion de todos los chicos nos gustaria que colgaras fotos de bellezas locales 😉 (Yo no he dicho nada.Sonia), aunque los paisajes que pones no estan nada mal!
    Bueno, volvemos a los coches, y tu a las maravillosas playas que tienes por allí……que injusta es la vida 😦

    Que te vaya muy bien Jefe ;-))) Seguiremos en contacto.

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