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Day 32 and 33: San Pedro April 2, 2006

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Another boat this morning and this time to Caye Ambergris to the town of San Pedro.  It is not as pretty as Caye Caulker but was worth a few days.  It is much bigger than Caulker and full of Americans on holidays and small hotels and resorts.  A bit of a shock after Caulker.  Also a lot more expensive.  Cheaper than the states but not a lot cheaper. 

Took out a hobbie cat today for the afternoon and cruised around the outside of the island.  Quite a bit of wind so it was a good time. 

Day 33: Went snorkling out on the outer reef again.  Quite a few sharks and spotted eagle rays.  The shark was about 7 foot and I was about 1 metre from it. 

Then in the afternoon took out the hobbie cat again for a sail.  Think it is time to move on.  A bit too many tourists here.


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