Where's Tai?

"And I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Day 31: Caye Caulker – ya mon March 30, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 12:17 am


Another day on the island.  Today was time to go diving.  We went out to Holchan Reserve which is about 30 mins by boat.  Was thinking sabout doing the famous dive which is the "Blue hole" which was a cave but 1000 of years ago it collapsed down and has left a sea hole which goes down to 100 and something metres. People dive to see the stalactytes and sharks.  But I was keen to see more fish so went to the Holchan. 

Sawe a couple of really big turtles cruising along next to me.  Also saw some spotted eagle rays, which are huge (more than 2 metres across) and are spotted on the back like a leopard – awesome.  3 or 4 swept past.  Also saw some more nursing sharks and various tropical fish.  Only went down to 25 m.  Was really rough outside the reef and difficult to get back in the boat.

Back in time for some coconut fish and more serious hammock time. 


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