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Day 30: Caye Caulker March 30, 2006

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Pancakes and eggs for breakfast and then a slow cruise through the Island.  It is 4 kilometres long and at it widest part is 200 metres wide.  The island has been split during one of the hurricanes and now a channel has split the island. After 2 hours you have seen most of the town and main island.  IF you want the quick tour, you can jump a golf cart taxi and do it in 15 minutes.  After that everything just slows down.  Chocolate mikshakes, hot dogs, burgers, bbq fish, banana bread, coconut break or tropical fruits. 

Went snorkling this morning to the outer reef.  The coral is not very colourful but saw some turtles and lots of tropical fish.  Went we went to the second location, we saw lots of nurse sharks and sting rays.  They are attracted by the engines, I guess these guys feed them to make sure they come.  But when you are in the water there are more than a dozen sting rays swimming around you.  Some are up to 1,5 metres wide.  Then 4 or five nurse sharks.  They are fairly harmless to humans ( so they told us).  They were around 5-6 feet long.  Pretty awesome up close.  After 3 hours snorkling around the island.  With one of the tracks you walk right across the airport runway. 

Lots of ex-pats live here from the states.  One couple was building a house here to sell – sea views, all wooden, 3 floors, for $300.000 US.  Another was an artist. 

Decided to change my look to get into the island mode.  Before:



Finally back to the hostel and my hammock.


2 Responses to “Day 30: Caye Caulker”

  1. JP Says:

    tai rastafari???…


  2. coco Says:

    Hey possum, you shoul have used the other picture where you looked a bit drugged!!!

    I think you should keep your raster.



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