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Day 28: Tikal March 29, 2006

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Up at 4:15 to catch the bus to Tikal.  It is one of the big Mayan ruins in the middle of the jungle.  Arrive at 6:00 and find a hostel in the park.  Then spend the next 7 hours wandering around the ruins. The area is huge and there are tracks everywhere.  It is so big that there are many temples and buildings that are still covered over by dirt and trees.  The highest temple is 64 metres high. Soem of the temples rise up out of the jungle.

There are lots of birds, pizotes (a cross between a possum and an ant-eater). 


There are also jaguars and crocodiles but didnt see any.  The gran Plaza was awesome with to big temples opposite each other and other shrines the other side. 


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    i try to find something at google.com and take it on your site…thanks

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