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Day 25: Livingston March 24, 2006

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Thought I would stay a night in Livingston and check out some of the local bars that play the local music – Garifuna.  Jumped a boat downriver. 

Heard an interesting saying yesterday.  “You can not enter paradise, you can only leave it”.  Meaning sometimes you only realise how good you had it when you have left it.  Again another good thought.

They do a bit of fishing here.  You can only reach Livingston by boat, but it is quite funny that there are lots of cars and trucks here.  But only a population of 6000 so it is really small.  Not many roads so not sure what they do with the cars.  Go around and around the block. 


Here they have armed guard on the softdrink trucks that deliver coca cola and pepsi to the shops.  A guy in the back with a big shotgun.  Pepsi and coke must be very valuable here.

Was pretty mellow at night, a few open air bars open playing reggaton and a mix between R&B and a Carribean beat.  Ended up with a dive instructor from Belice, and a guy from Norway drinking Cuba Libres to the small hours and talking to the locals. A beer or a cuba libre costs about 1,2 euros, so pretty cheap (headaches included in the price for free).

Peace and love mon 

By the way, have saved more photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/tparata/ if you want to see.


One Response to “Day 25: Livingston”

  1. giovanna Says:

    I’m following your trip and getting some bits of the freedom you’re getting now…
    breathe for mee too
    milan is pissing with rain

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