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Day 24:Rio Dulce and Livingston March 23, 2006

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Breakfast with everyone then a grabbed a kayak to head down river to Livingston. Is 5km down the river, so took me 1,5 hours.  Pass thru these huge canyons with jungle on both sides and large white and gray birds in the trees that dive bombing for food.  Some locals are hunting or fishing on the sides of the cannon. Luckily there are not many boats that come thru so it is very flat and quiet.  Butterflies, birds, and jungle.

Finally made it to Livingston where the Garfuna people and Guatemalans live.  Garfuna come from the slaves brought from african and now live along this coast.  They speak a “rasta” english, love Bob marley and reggae.  Very Jamaican (i guess). 

They have a hospital clinic on the side of the river where volunters work.  They were explaining that here when the women give birth, they do it crouching and they hold onto a rope hung from the ceiling.  Their husband is hugging the wife from in front or from behind during the birth.  Sometimes the whole family are in the room.  Spent the rest of the day sleeping on the wharf waiting for a boat back to finca Tatin, couldnt be bothered paddling against the current back up to the Finca. 

Met a couple of interesting guys, one has been travelling for 10 years and the other for 18 months.  Had some great stories over their travels in Pakistan and Afganistan.

This ones for you Alfonso.


2 Responses to “Day 24:Rio Dulce and Livingston”

  1. Puamiria Says:

    I am soooooooo envious! Your journey sounds amazing, liberating, energising and beautiful!! Kind of puts my day trip to Wellington to shame! Awesome photos too.

    Travel well, love Puamiria, Anake and Awhioraki xxx

  2. Alf Says:

    Hey Parata!!!

    GRACIAS x la foto del barco!
    looks really amazing and makes me question what´s the point of having the boat moored for most of the year instead of making proper use of it – like this!

    Great you´re having such a great time!

    Take a lot of care amigo!


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