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Day 23: Rio Dulce March 22, 2006

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03:30 am start to catch the shuttle to Guatemala city and then from there a Pullman (normal bus – not a chicken bus) to Rio Dulce.  5 hours and had the whole seat to myself, what a luxury.  As we went north we crossed in the cowboy country.  Lots of people with cowboy hats.  Finally made it to Rio Dulce, the village, which is on the Rio Dulce.  Its a hangout for round the world sailors.  Full of foreigners with their big yachts parked up on the river.  It is about 32km up the river to Livingston and the Carribean.  Boast appear and disappear out of the mangroves. Lots of luxury vacational homes on the side of the river. Looks like something out of the Pacific rather than Guatemala.  Thatched houses and villas along the river.  Finally jumped a boat up river to a place called Finca Tatin.  Its 4kms south of Livinington and the river mouth.  Its in the jungle, with little bungalows, and hammocks everywhere.  We all eat together at the same time and can choose vegetarian or meat -then what comes out you eat. Lots of americans and a few french here.  Good swimming in the river and even better “hammocking”.  Just watching the world pass by.  Luckily not lots of mosquitos, but some big bugs.

I wonder what is happening in the real world.


2 Responses to “Day 23: Rio Dulce”

  1. eli + mari (lastminute IT) Says:

    aquì en italia te estamos envidiando mucho! que bueno que es tu viaje!!!
    entonces buena vida y que la pase siempre bien!
    nos vemos

  2. Maria Vittoria Says:

    Ciao Tai!

    Oscar gave me your blog, so I’m following you in your amazing travel. Sooo nice… I really envy you for your great trip, it seems you are having really a good time.
    Keep writing
    Maria Vittoria

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