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Day 21: San Marcos, Panajachel, Antigua March 21, 2006

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Was planning to do a glass design course this morning but the old guy that does it decided he wasnt working today.  So in the end jumped a boat that went to San Pedro and then Panajachel. Bought a painting from the markets and tehn jumped a chicken bus to Chimenango.

Was next to a guy who has been living here for 14 years.  He was telling me that there was 2 killings in his village 4 yearts ago. A Japanese tourist and a Gautemalan bus driver.  The week before there was a rumour going to the village that Satan worshippers were coming to teh village and the that they eat teh hearts of children.  They even had a date for this event and it was advertised on teh radio.  On this fateful date, a tour bus of Japanese were in town.  One of the locals made an accusation that one of the Japanese were the Satan worshippers and the result was that one of teh toursit was beaten to death in the marketplace.  The bus driver tried to stop the mob from enterting the bus and so they beat him then poured petrol ove rhim and burnt him to death.  They still have lynchings and burning in the villages – the law is too slow for them so they take law into their own hands.  There havew been about 100 in the last 7 years. 

Just to add to the list, when the bus was stopped in Xela, tehre was a flight outside the window, and some guy nearly got his finger bitten off.

Saying all that, it seems very strange because the people arte very nice, even more so that South Mexico.  They are shy but friendly.  But there is an undercurrent of scary people.  All teh banks and supermarkets have men with shotguns.  The hostels have bars everywhere…

The chicken bus was funny.  I had a man and his son and his wife on the same seat (made for 2 adults).  The father and teh son were seating next to me and both fell asleep.  The boy was on his father and stretched out and eventually I had his head in my lap and he was fast asleep and the father had his head on my shoulder.  After 2 hours and 50kms I changed buses and got to Antigua.  Found me a hostel strategically placed between the local markets and McDonalds.

I caught the end start the procession for Semana santa.  They started this week and they were taking Christ and and Mother Mary and other saints to the local square.  They were wearing purple or white hooded clothing.  Only the women were allowed to carry Mother Mary.


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