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Day 20: San Marcos March 21, 2006

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At last I understand the universe. 

Today I wandered around the different centres and was trying to decide what to do.  Reiki, Shiatsu, Shahala-ka, Japanese or Swedish massages, the Luna Course and other options.  In the end I opted for the Kinesiolgia treatment.  Quite interesting.  It works on meridian lines like most oriental healing but it asks/tests your body using the meridian lines to see if you have illnesses, pains, are missing things in your diet.  You start by talking about your physically problems.  Then she lifts your right hand to 45% and she places her ahnd on top of my hand.  She applies a downward pressure and I apply an upward pressure.  If you maintain the hand where it is, then the muscle/body is “ON”. She then can pinch the muscle in the shoulder, and while still maintaining teh pressure my hand lowers.  The body is “off”.  This is the basis, then from there she places different minerals in capsules on my belly button and applies the pressure to the hand to see if the body is on or off for these minerals and vitamins.  Also if they recognise the minerals.  If not, then she stimulates the water and otehr meridian lines to accept these things.  At the end of the day she found I was missing in vitamin B complex, magnesium.  I also reactred badly to nickel based products and things green.  To counterbalance my rejection of green foods I have to eat purple foods (berries…).  All very interesting.

Then after my seesion I decided to try one of these many different massages.  I went to the “resurrection centre” but it was booked out.  It also had a sign advertising that I could only be resurrected once in my life.  No luck at the resurrection centre so I went to the Pyramid Centre to see about the Luna Course.  But teh Luna course is only for one month and in the last week I would have to fast – not for me.  Over to the Jasmen Centre but they closed at 3:00.  La Paz Hotel didnt have the Shiatsu like I wanted and suggested that I look at the little house by the lake that had a mix between Shiatsu and sound healing massages.  By this time I was spiritually low and my aura was all over the place, not to mention my stomach so headed back to the hostel to meditate over my book.

In the hostel they have a sign in the bedroom staying that if you find scorpions or other spiders in the room, please leave them alone they are harmless. 

After everything, Luis, Sarah and I checked out the Evangelistic church and then dinner at the Moon Place.


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