Where's Tai?

"And I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Day 18: Xela March 18, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 5:13 pm

Up really late, 10:00 and we cooked breakfast.  Then we decided to walk 3,5 kms to some natural hot pools or that what we thought.  We started up the hill behind town and wlaked thru a little village and just kept on walking.  We met an American on the way up who said it would take us about 30mins.  1,5 hours later during the hotest part of the day we made it to the hot springs, Los Vahos.  After wandering all over this hill and lost on different tracks.  The jokes was that this was a “steam sauna”.  Soafter 1,5 hours walking in 30 something degrees up a hill at 12:00 midday, we arrive to find that teh hot springs are a little dark room where steam comes out.  Pretty pissed off.

We headed back down the hill and decided to jump a bus to Lake Atilan,  Panajachel.  We caught the collectivots to the bus station (it still amazes me how many people they fit in teh mini vans).  While we were waiting for the chicken bus their was a fight between two guys and one nearly bit the finger off of the other.  Then it was 3,5 hours to (15 quetzals, 2 euros) Panajachel.  10 kms from Panajachel we ran into a traffic jam, not a good time.  Finally arrived late and found our 20 quetzal hostel (2,7 euros per night).



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