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Day 17: San Cristobal, Quetzaltenango (Xela) – Guatemala March 18, 2006

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Up at 6:00 to catch the bus at 7:30.  After 3,5 hours in the bus arrived to the Ciudad de

Cuauhtemoc on the Mexican Border.  Then a taxi to the Guatemala border , and then walking into Guatemala.  No banks wuld chang money so had to change with teh men in the street, got 73Q for 100 pesos so not too bad.  In the banks its 3Q more.  Met some guys from Germany and Grecia and we jumped a chicken bus to Huehuetentanto for 15Q ($2 US).  90 kms in 2,5 hours is not quick.  The packs were on the roof and their were 3 people to a seat (these are old US school buses).  It is amazing how many you fit in a bus.  Finally got to Huehuetentengo and jumped another chicken bus to Quetzaltenango, another 2,5 hours.  Finally got to town in about 17:30.  We found a dodgy hostel for us all and we are now sharing a 5 bed room for 3euros per night.  Town has a nice town square and lots of students learning Spanish.  Went and ate on teh street markets and then went to a local bar.  They people dress very modern here.

Guatemala seems a lot poorer than Mexico but the people are helpful and friendly.  But still get the feeling it is a bit dodgy.


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