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Day 15 Palenque, San Cristobal de Casa March 15, 2006

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Up with the monkeys this morning.  Downtown I was lucky to catch a bus leaving in 5 minutes to San Cristobal de Casa (4,5 hours for 9 euros).  Passed thru some of the highlands and so saw quite a few villagers dressed in typical clothes, carrying their child on the back with wood or other things on their heads.

San Cristobal de Casa is an old colonial town.  All of the streets are stone and all the buidlings are painted different colours.  Very cool town, in fact it seems to attract quite a hippie crowd.  Lots of Israeles, Asians and American backpackers here. 

Met some guys who are going into the mountains tomorrow to work with the Indigineous people (Zapatistas).  Watched a film with them on the Zapatista movement in the area.  “The land belongs to those who work it”.  The local people during the years complained that they only worked for the landowners and could not feed their children or have their own land.  Apparently there are “national” lands here where people can have land for free but they are designated areas.  The locals tried to get info about these lands but got messed around so in the end they moved onto areas of land and started cultivating them.  It all came to a head in 1994 when they held a rally in San Cristobal claiming rights to the land.  There were guns and some torture and killing.  Now the government and the Zapatistas co-exist, but the army still messes with them. 

Finally ended up in the reggae, scar bar with Torgeir from Norway and a few guys from NZ and Germany for Corona and a long night. 


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