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Day 14 Palenque March 14, 2006

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Sunday: After 12 hours of bus trip (which really wasnt that bad because I slept well most of the night and with only one military stop).  Arrived in Palenque.  Is a small town in the middle of Chiapas.  After pancakes for breakfast I jumped a collective to Panchan (4 kms from Palenque) which is on the edge of the alenque archeological reserve.  It´s a backpackers haven with 5 different hostel in the jungle.  I stayed in one cabana for 7€ next to the stream and was able to watch the lizards fornicate from my balcony. There were a few howler monkeys hanging around in the trees and lots of insects. 

Went to the Palenque Mayan ruins.  Lots of big Mayan temples and carvings.  It was really hot – had to put on sunscreen 50.  Was good there because I was able to climb all the pyramids here and was on the side of a mountain and so overlooked the countryside.  They use to have huge carved incense holders all thru the site.  The mixed the incense with human blood and then burnt them. 



2 Responses to “Day 14 Palenque”

  1. kakoky Says:


    You look great, so tun and thin in the middle of Mexico. Looks like this travel life is quite a good life; hope to see more pictures like those ones which make me feel so envy of you.


  2. Coco Says:


    you do look very handsome. Could still show us your mean and lean body. The pictures look great. Hope you don´t fall into rebels hands and we’ll have to pay a rescue for you. could get very expensive if we have to pay by the pound!

    love coco

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