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Day 12,13: Cancun and Playa Del Carmen March 14, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 3:07 am

Day 12: Friday.  Spent the whole day doing my little jobs.  My washing done for 3 euros.  Sent all my winter clothes which I had for New York back home.  But had to catch a collectivo to Cancun $32 pesos (US$3) for and hour travelling.  Then walking thru the back streets to find the post office. Standing in line forever.. very long and trying process.  Had to buy I new camera, because myone up and died on me.  So looking at the shopping mallsin Cancun trying to get a deal.  By the time I had finished that it was too lateto go to the beach so went to the movies “firewall”. Always great value are the cinemas – air conditioning, so clean and nice.  Finally back to Playa late.

This morning was sun,sun and more sun. Have not made it to charcoal, but have past milk chocolate and gone straight to dark chocolate.  All day down at the beach watching the Americans in their 2 week holiday try and do what I did in 2 days – get black.  Genetics does catch for something.  So I caught some sun, ate some fruit, and caught some more sun.  Now I need to catch a bus tongith at 21:45 from Playa delCarmen to Palenque (12 hours overnight). Should be fun.  Going into Chiapas (who are looking for Independence and have a Rebel army.).  Hopefully their wont be any army checkpoints.


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