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Day 10 & 11: New York, Cancun, Playa Carmen March 10, 2006

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Catch a cab from hostel to Canal St, so I could catch the train to JFK. However ended up going in taxi because guy was quite interesting.  From JFK was 3 hours to Cancun, then jumped a bus to Playa de Carmen.  Arrived late afternoon. Very laid back – main things are the beach and the 5th av where all the shops and street sellers are.  Just a laid back holiday destination.  End up going our with a Mexican guy who was showing where to eat, drink cheap and took me to a few “interesting” bars. 

Got another piece of interesting advice over woman from my Mexican friend (Alejandro Sanchez – which also happens to be the real name of Alejandro Sanz).  “Con las mujeres, no hay que entenderlas, solo amarlas”. (With woman, you dont need to understand them, just love them). Very similar to my Morrocan advice. Must be something in it.  Ended up with a sore head from too many Coronas and Sols.  (but no tequilas as yet!!).

This morning wasnt a great day so jumped a “collectivo”, local bus, to Tulum. There are some Mayan ruins next to the sea which is quite rare as I understand.  First contact with the Mayan ruins and was interesting but missing a lot of explanation.  This afternoon went down to the beach to see how black I can get.  1,5 hours later was moderately black.  Going for charcoal tomorrow.

Saw some jade carving tody.  They get it from Chiapas and make masks and jewelry from it.  The Mayan said that God had placed it in certain parts of the world and that when people died they need to return something to the earth.  Jade was called the “key to heaven”.  Its harder than what we get in NZ. 

Mexicans are really easy going and easy to talk to.  Go out of their way to make you feel welcome. 


One Response to “Day 10 & 11: New York, Cancun, Playa Carmen”

  1. Coco Says:

    Hey possum,

    I think your friend might be right! No one will ever understand us I think! Neithet will we understand men but never mind! otherwise life would be boring.

    Let’s see a picture of yourself being charcoal, see how black you can get.you might look like one of those from Papa New Guinea!

    If you can send me a few tips on how to get from the airport to downtown and where you recommend to stay.

    que te vaya bien güell!
    Hope your head is feeling better!

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