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Day 9: New York March 8, 2006

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Last day in New York and feeling more like a New Yorker everyday. Catching the subway everywhere, drinking Starbuck, eating lots of hot dogs.  In  fat received an email from teh Mayor today thanking me for eating so many hotdogs and supporting the local economy.

Headed down to the financial district today and had a look around the NY Stock Exchange, and ground zero where the World Trade centre was.  Quite emotional when you see the photos of the firemen and policemen helping people out of the building and then in the comments it says that these people died because they went back in to help more people and the buildings collapsed.

Also spent the morning in the Criminal courts watching the arraignments – drug users, robbery, disorderly conduct.. During the 2 hour I was there most people pleaded guilty and were given public service.  Was one guy with lots of previous crimes that was given 30 days in prison. Quite a few had 1 or 2 cases open and had committed other crimes within 2 weekes of the last crime.  Was going to see a murder trial but the police officer said that unfortunately there wasnt any murder trials until the afternoon… (like it was a normal thing.).  The only trials on at the time were car stripping and he said they were boring.

After that I went back to Chinatown, then headed up to Midtown to see teh “Intrepid”.  Fighter carrier which is now a museum on the Hudson.  Some impressive planes on the deck.  Finally tonight i went to another Broadway show – The Colour Purple. About the struggle for a black women to find her place in the world.  Awesome voices and great acting.  Well worthwhile.

Well that was New York for me:  hotdogs, Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway, tall buildings, Broadway, Time Square, Soho…. And lots of walking. 


One Response to “Day 9: New York”

  1. Coco Says:

    Dear Possum,

    I hope the hot dogs were “light” and the starbucks coffee too!!!”


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