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Day 8 New York March 7, 2006

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Walk around the north end of central park on the border of Harlem then walked down 5th avenue.  Cut into the park at the zoo and then back into 5th avenue.  All the shops you could think of, Tiffanys, Trump Towers…. Had a look in Saks, but not enough room in my backpack for the $800 shirt that I liked.  Went thru the Rockerfeller centre where they also have the ice skating rink outside.  In the NBC building.  Wandered thru the Diamond street where they sell the most diamonds in the world.  Very well know for being monopoised by the jewish sellers.  Was looking at second hand watchs for about $18000. Then to Moma (Museum of Modern Art NY) – good variety of famous painters.  Lots of Spanish painters, Miro, dali, Picasso, but also the Amercians – Andy Warhol and his “Campbell cans” painting and one of Marilyn Monroe.  Jackson Pollack was also there and the famous painting of the painting of the Amercian Flag.  They even had my favourite Klint. They let you take pictures while your in the museum (without flash). Then off to the Chrysler Building (my favourite), which has the gargoyles at the top and is all art deco and finall to the United Nations (which really isnt anything to write home about).  Finally jumped a train to Battery Park to catch the free Straten Island ferry which goes past the Statue of Liberty and you get good views of the city from the sea. 


One Response to “Day 8 New York”

  1. Coco Says:

    you are a dangerous man looking at 18,000 $ watches. Thank god there was no space for that either!


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