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Day 7: New York March 6, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 4:46 am

Didnt sleep well with the change of hours so was awake at 6:00am. This morning I started off at 103rd and walked down Broadway, past Columbus Circle, Time Square, down thru Greewich, Soho, Tribeca, Little Italy and a little of China town.

Also did the Empire state building. Completed in 1 year and 45 days in 1930, 102 floors, 443m including lightning rod. Cost $41.000.000. One big building. record for running up the stairs to te 86th floor is 9 min and 37 sec.

Soho is pretty cool for wandering around – very trendy and have people selling painting on the street. Great shooping. Went Orchard st to see clothing sales but not worthwhile. In the end walked down Bowery st to Pier 17 for a late lunch. Must have walked about 150 blocks (not counting cutting across). After Pier 17 down in financial district I jumped the metro back up to times Square. Still got a bit of security around – armed police.

Went to a show on Broadway called “Hairspray”. Very cool, set in 1960s in Baltamore where a young big girl wants to be on a local tv programme. There is still segregation – so she sings and dances to get the guy and unite the blacks and whites… Great singing. Had Tevin Campbell and a couple of other actors that I have seen before. The woman who is the wife of Riggs black partner in Lethal Weapon…

People are really cool and friendly. Have met a few guys who recognised my accent and had been to NZ.


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