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Day 4,5,6: Marrakech, Barcelona, London, New York March 6, 2006

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My last day in Marrakech was laid back.  Now when I get up in the morning at 10.00am I think to myself – what am I going to do today!!! Tried to do some shopping but wasnt really motivated.  Went to see the Palace Baha.  A shell of a great palace on the edge of the Medina.  The guy build a 90 by 50 metre swimming pool surrounded by sunken orange trees.  It was ramsacked by other conquerers so now there is not a hell of a lot left.  Got lost in the Souqs trying to find the Marrakech Museum, in the end I gave up. 

Jumped the plane at 22:30 back to Barcelona and got back in at 01:30.  My next day in last day in Barcelona was fixing up y banks things and others final details for the trip. However that night went out with Marco, Eva, Bruno, Marcos, Susana, Marc and Oscar. Was a good night and they even managed to do the tequilas….  Thanks guys.

My next morning was a slow one and a sad one.  My final good bye to Barcelona… such is life…  Then on my flights to London, quick stop oer before y flights to New York with BA.  Arrived in JFK at 19:30 and catch the metro into town.  It was fucken freeing.  I got on the express train by mistake which skips stations and so ended up in the middle of Harlem with my backpack and 20 blocks between me and y hostel.  Jumped another local train got to the hostel about 20:30 after wandering the streets lost for a while.  Pretty spookie walking around the backstreets with a backpack and lots of “dudes” hanging out in the street.  Am on Broadway with 102nd street. It is 3 blocks from the start of Harlem, on the West side of central park.  Hostel is basic but functional.

Finally made it to the big apple.


One Response to “Day 4,5,6: Marrakech, Barcelona, London, New York”

  1. bruno Says:

    las tequilas erán heavy….joderrrrrr!mis venas están esplotando…..
    bonito el calendario, por fin tenemos el culito mas bonito de la oficina!

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