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Time to say good bye – Yes finally I am going March 3, 2006

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“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it. This isn’t good or bad. It’s just the way of things. Nothing stays the same.”  – quote from unknown person. Sorry to all of you but I am going to do my farewell in english.  Paolo will be doing translations.

 It has been a privilege working with you all.  My adventure started 6 years ago with Alfonso doing my interview in the hotel Expo and my only expectation from lastminute.com was that I would learn Spanish on the job (instead of paying for classes). Really not sure if I achieved my objective – verdad:)) 

I have ended up working with a talented group of people who have taken a shakie business to  be one of the best examples of business and culture within the group and in Spain. It has not been easy but it has been fun. 


1. Seeing the shine in some of your eyes when we were discussing something and I could see that you were learning or appreciating the advice.

2. Seeing some of you pass from being people with potential to being professionals with a future.

3. Learning laughing, and sharing time with Alfonso, Eva, Marco, Marcos, Bruno and Oscar.

4. Seeing the Holidayautos team take control of their business.

5. Partying

I started off being a copywriter… looked after Entertainment, Escapadas… worked in Meliaviajes.com looking after product  …..been caretaker of the office in Barcelona… contracted hotels in Spain, Portugal and Africa. And finally returned to the Spanish office with Alfonso to work with product and marketing. 

In all these roles I have had my turns at being a student, a teacher, a worker, a boss, a mother, a father, the good guy, the bad guy, the foreigner, the quiet one, the noisy one, and the strange one.  After all these changes, the only one that I want many of you to remember me as, is a friend.

I would like to thank you all for helping me during these years, especially Alfonso for his friendship and leadership.  Eva, my corazon, is always there to listen and give me support (EVA STOP CRYING).  Marco Van Helsing has been a great friend during many many many hard years (especially the Melia days) and many many many good years. (Marco -I will miss talking about the latest gossip in “Hola” with you at lunchtime). Oscar alway helping me and we have got to know each other well lately. Marcos has gone out of his way to help me during my difficult period and is a friend and professional that has my respect and friendship.  And Bruno is Bruno – each day was a surprise and the truth is I started to enjoy the surprises and as a professional you earned my admiration.  Marc V and Susana B it has been a privilege working with 2 very talented individuals such as yourselves.  I really enjoyed seeing you both develop as professionals and as people in the small space of time we had. Dani and Pili we have passed many years since we were in the World Trade Centre you have understood me best than most and put up with me and supported me and it is really appreciated.  The Holiday autos team, marketing and product teams who I have spent most time with thank you for a tremendous 2 years and the results speak for themselves. There are many other people I would like to mention but I think this blog has a limit of words. I would just like to say thank you to you all and that you enjoy your time in lastminute.com.

I will leave you with a little saying that is a bit “soppy” but it expresses where I am at the moment.

“Don´t walk behind me I may not lead.  Don´t walk in front of me because I may not follow.  Just walk beside me and be my friend”.






4 Responses to “Time to say good bye – Yes finally I am going”

  1. Alf Says:

    Hola Señor!

    Me consta que han vuelto a tener una GRAN despedida el viernes por la noche!
    Siento no haber estado, pero al final conseguí ver a Gabriel Subías el viernes y ya no volví a BCN por la noche!

    Tengo Bookmarked tu Blog y lo seguiré leyendo regularmente…
    Confío en que sea una plataforma más con la que poder mantener el contacto – until you get the real estate mogul that I have anticipated and you look for more sophisticated communication means – like flying yourself over for dinner in your jet! 😉

    Te cuidado amigo!

  2. Tai Says:

    Gracias. Si otra despedida, pero por desgracias, fue el ultimo. Si que pena no podia venir pero seguro que nos veremos en NZ o las islas pacificas (en tu barco) algun dia.
    Tu cuidate mucho tambien.

  3. Coco Says:

    Hello possum,

    I read your farewell note and was very moved to read everything. I don´t think that ever a person could have done better than you. You are the most intelligent and admirable person I have ever met. You have achieved so much in a foreign country without speaking the language and without understanding the mentality.
    I think the rest of your professional career will be peanuts.

    Look after yourself in Big Apple. Harlem is probably not the safest place.

    Possum, as you well know I am a bit lost with technology. Could you please let me know if you received this message? just to see if it works?

    I’ve been told that diving is great in Cozumel too instead of having to go to Belize. They said to me that there is nothing else to see there just good for diving. don´t know. let me know how you are going.


  4. Chantal Says:

    Kia Ora Tai
    I never had the chance to say thank u for taking the time to visit me at the Embassy. It was touchy. It has always been a pleasure to see you in Madrid and to have you at home. My mum was very pleased to have such a handsome guy staying with us 🙂 She sends her love.
    Look after yourself and hope to c u in NZ sometime.
    We’ll all take good care of Coco!.
    Chantal xxx

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