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Day 3 Marrakech March 1, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 9:50 pm

Found something out about me today.  I must really give off that “druggie” vibe.  It doesnt matter what I try and look at, ceramics, tshirts, carpets…. everyone ends up trying to sell me “hash” and other more exotic narcotics.  Most people mistake me for a Morrocan at first because of my hair an skin colour.  Then they start talking to me in French.  When they see the dumb look on my ace they realise I am a foreigner.

Today I hung out most of the day in the Djeema El Fna Square.  Sitting in one of the restaurants overlooking the square eating, drinking and watching.  Today they had some show boxing where mostly kids box each other for money and people bet on it.  It really isnt rough.  They wear gloves and hardly hit each other.  (You can see then in teh picture above left). Then there were the snake charmers and the monkey handlers.  Was a hot day so good just hanging out and watching the world go by.  

 Morrocan people are really cool.  Easy to get on with and dont hassle you that much. Generally happy people too.  Trying to find some good paintings but havent come across anything yet. 





One Response to “Day 3 Marrakech”

  1. kakoky Says:


    If you are on holidays, why not to try this lovely homemade “hash”?
    Lot of people use to say that you have to do and behave as a local people when you are travelling, so you will undertand their culture much better.

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