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Day 2 Marrakech March 1, 2006

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Central Square 

Decided to cheat today and hired a guide for the daz 300 dirham (30 euros).  Was a good day we saw the islam university, Kasbah (where royals are buried – not so exciting).  Mayorelle garden, again not too exciting but at least all entrance fees go to charity.  walked thru the leather, carpet, shoe souks with him.  That was interesting, very good craftsmen.  Went to the womans second hand clothes market – picked me up a few good bargains.  Most interesting was speaking with Margees (the guide).

He gave me a few goods tips about woman and relations. `With a woman you should always have 1 eye open and the other one shut, but never both eyes open or both eyes shut’. Think there is something in there.  Another interesting advice he gave me was never marry the poor ones because they always want money for their families and never marry the rich ones because they are too independent.  You need to marry the ones in the middle.  Will add that to my list of advices.

Also interesting was our conversation over Islam and muslum customs.  Explaining the difference between shiite and Sunni muslums, Mecca… In general layman terms (hope I dont  offend anyone) Sunni believe Mohammed as the last prophet and is the centre of their religion.  While Shiite believe that Mohammed was one of many prophets.  There are then also many customs associated with these differences.

 Ended the day with a walk into downtown Marrakech. 


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