Where's Tai?

"And I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Day 1: Marrakech March 1, 2006

Filed under: Travelling — Tai @ 12:46 pm


arrived last night.  Great riad 5 minutes from main square. ´Riad Catalina.  Fed me up with pepperment tea.  Next morning started in Djemma El Fna looking at the snake charmers and stalls.  Then decided to get lost in teh souks.  Ended up in front of some Palace Bahia.  Wandered inside but nothing special.  Went back to riad for siesta then back into the souks.  Was trzing to get to the main town Gueliy but got lost.  Eventually a nice little man suggested that i go to the tannery which was close by (I should have known better). I followed some dodgy man thru the back street until I got to the tannery.  was interesting.  Of course a person that works there showed me around for “free”.  Afterward he wanted to show me the finished product in teh shops. pottery. leather…. Then to the top of some building to see the tannery from above.  Then came the “you owe me 100 dirham” for the free tour.  Knew it was going to happen so I gave him 20 dirham (2 euros) and he was happz and so was I.  Have spent the rest of the day lost in the souks and finally in a restaurant overlooking the square for my first chicken tajine.

 People are nice, and feels safe even in some of these hairy backstreets.  Quite cool here.  during the day is up to 22 degrees, but a slight chill in the air.


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